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Voice Workshops

The workshop will promote and enhance an awareness of what makes your voice, interesting and sustainable.

If you have ever thought that you are not using your voice to its full potential, or been concerned that it is not as strong or expressive as you would wish, this type of course offers a practical introduction to effectively improving and enhancing your skills set.

Voice in Action tailor makes workshops for your individual needs.
We look at:

  • Pace
  • Rhythm
  • Clarity of Speech
  • Facial Expression
  • Projection
  • Intonation


Groups are ideally limited to six people to maximise interaction and ensure individual feedback from the tutor.
The main points covered at a workshop are:

  1. An individual assessment of your attributes, also voice and speech skills.
  2. Vocal skills:
    • Voice versus speech in order to optimise your presentation.
    • The voice as an instrument.
    • How to warm up your voice.
    • Controlling and increasing your breath to achieve its full potential
    • Achieve your centre note and improve your sustainability.
  3. Application – Putting into practice elements learnt on the course.


During our courses you will be encouraged to bring practice material specific to your work, project or development plans, this will help you apply the skills you are learning to maximise the course training time.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Personal Coaching and Auditions


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